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My family has been managing the Maison Degreef jewellery business in Brussels for generations.  I decided to go my own way and become an entrepreneur. At the same time I began painting at the age of 25.

It took me almost 30 years of relentlessness, as an amateur artist, to come up with a style and a touch that began to have a form of credibility in my own eyes. My influences are numerous, Dotremont, Alechinsky, Klee, Haring, Miro and many others.


In 2005 I began to take calligraphy classes at the Maison du Livre in Brussels. In 2008, I discovered the origin of the first alphabets, Chinese, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, ... The combination of signs and calligraphy then form the basis of my style. I then built my own dictionary of signs.


In September 2019, pushed by my relatives, I exhibited rue Blaes 150, in the marolles in the center of the popular district of Brussels.


In September 2020, I decided to become a full time painter in order to make this activity my profession.

Artist's studio in Brussels