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I tend to believe that my work is based on the interpretation of language.



1. Function of expression of thought and communication between humans, implemented by speech or writing. Language study.

2. Any system of signs allowing communication.


However in order to communicate I don't use words, I use signs.

As an artist, I have chosen a range of signs, just as a writer uses words. 

Writing enables the reader to elicit precise mental images. Signs, on the other hand, are not dependent on a particular language and therefore “allow mental associations of a different order to that of written languages” (Celine Masson).

My signs have no direct or precisely codified relation to reality and are distinguished by this degree of abstraction. For me each of the signs I use has both aesthetic and expressive qualities. There is no rational approach in my choice of signs used, except that each of these signs must individually release a form of emotion.


My only aim therefore is to stimulate the viewer's imagination. 

By structuring these signs in a specific manner, how will a given combination of signs and title provoke the viewer's imagination based upon their own symbolic belief system and/or conscious/unconscious thoughts?

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