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Born in 1964 in Mechelen, Belgium, Wittmann lives in Brussels.

Self-taught, he began painting at the age of 27 when starting a psycho analysis. It took him about 30 years of relentless search in order to find a style that he could call his own. His work is questioning the interpretation of language.

He only started exhibiting his work, for the first time in Brussels in 2019. Since then his work has been shown in several galleries in Belgium, France, Italy and the US.

His work was selected to be shown in the psychiatric hospital, Laramée, in Brussels.

In January 2023 one of his works was acquired by the Montefiore Hospital Art Foundation, New York.  


Wittmann believes that art finds it foundation in the origin of humanity. He therefore uses the origin of alphabets which are signs to question the interpretation of language.



1. Function of expression of thought and communication between humans, implemented by speech or writing. Language study.

2. Any system of signs allowing communication.

Inspired by the origin of alphabets, he has created a range of signs that he uses in his daily work, just as a writer uses words. 

Writing enables the reader to elicit precise mental images. Signs, on the other hand, are not dependent on a particular language and therefore “allow mental associations of a different order to that of written languages” (Celine Masson).

Signs have no direct or precisely codified relation to reality and distinguished themselves by a degree of abstraction. As Wittmann's aim is to stimulate the viewer's imagination each sign is designed//selected for its aesthetic and expressive qualities. 

Wittmann's motivation is to lead the spectator to question himself and if possible to put him in a position of uncertainty even if it means creating a form of ambiguity in relation to what he perceives.


By abandoning the work to the gaze of the spectator, Wittmann's goal is to provoke his imagination while not trying to provide any answers.

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