My work is based on the concept of Collective Unconscious developed by Carl Gustav Jung. Indeed, our personal unconscious is the product of the experiences specific to each of us. On the other hand the collective unconscious is born of all human experiences since the dawn of time. It is therefore not only the sum of the personal unconscious: it is the psychic memory of humanity since its birth. It is in the psychic memory of humanity that, throughout our history, the universal symbols have crystallised - which Jung called the "Archetypes". According to Jung, in the Collective Unconscious, Archetypes are represented by mythological motifs that appear in pure form in fairy tales, myths, legends, and folklore.


Personally as an artist, as archetypes, I have chosen the origin of alphabets which are basically signs. Based on their graphical and aesthetic qualities I have selected a number of signs which I use in my work on a daily basis.

For me, these signs do represent a matchmaker between writing and abstraction. Writing enables the reader to elicit precise mental images. On the other hand, signs are not dependent on a particular language and therefore allow mental associations of a different order to that of written languages (Celine Masson).

Most of these signs have no relation to reality and are distinguished by a degree of abstraction. My aim is to stimulate the viewer's imagination. For instance by structuring these signs in a specific manner, how will a combination of signs and a title stimulate the viewer's imagination based on his own belief system and/or conscious/unconscious thoughts.

The composition is then left to the gaze of the art lover who will decide for her/himself, whether or not she/he is challenged/stimulated by the artwork.